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We are thrilled to introduce the world’s first personal nanoforms

A cool, beautiful and everlasting solution to save your most precious data. 

Face it. How many times have you invested in equipment that's obsolete the minute you own it?  You can live with it when it's the latest gadget in your car, your laptop or even your mobile phone. They're still cool for awhile, they serve their purpose and you replace them when they're really broken. But what about the objects meant to preserve your most precious data? Your USB keys, your DVDs or your external hard drives?

80% of drives last only 4 years.
USB keys get lost or broken on average within 1 year. Do you keep replacing them, spending time copying the data over and over... only to find that you've lost some of it in the transfer every time?
The Cloud was a reassuring answer. Like us, you quickly transferred all your data on it and accessed it from anywhere. But then came the hacking scandals, the lost data scandals and the... mhh, your didn't feel so reassured anymore. So you chose to do what everybody does when it comes to personal data that matter: a couple of (or rather 10) back ups... which you stored and forgot somewhere.

This will change your storage habits

What we propose is to select your most precious data - the ones you really don't want to lose - and to save them on a support that will NOT deteriorate. A physical object that you can keep in your house, in a safe, in your bank, anywhere you fancy. And which, cherry on the top, looks like a piece of art.

That’s the Fahrenheit2451 nanoform. This small see-through sapphire disk is made to last (almost forever - we're talking about billions of years), to withstand floods, acid attacks and fire (think lava), and to save all your greatest moments in style.

Say bye bye to the digital black hole.  

Pre-order your first nanoform here.


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