All 2’’ Nanoforms done !

We are so glad to announce that all 2’’ Nanoforms have been manufactured and shipped before Christmas 2016. 

Here are some of them : 

We thank you so much all of you for your patience!

It has been a very difficult process but we are so proud to have achieved this goal and so grateful to our team that have never give up and were always working hard to deliver these unique pieces to you.

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Shipping our first 2'' Nanoforms

We are glad to announce that the manufacturing process for 2’’ Nanoforms has been developed now.

We had to face tough Research & Development challenges and we succeeded.

We thank deeply our backers for their patience.

If you want to keep your precious memories or offer this sapphire Nanoform to your loved ones, check our offers in our Shopping Nanoforms.

2'' Nanoform

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20 Jul

How did the project start ?

How did the project start ?

At Xyalis and Arnano (the two companies leading Fahrenheit 2451), we worked on sapphire disks for years.

We engrave circuit boards on it : it's a part of the fabrication process of mobile phones, computers and more !


The idea to engrave personal data to save it forever, through time and elements, came from Alain Rey.

We already have the expertise to make the project a success : sapphire is a material we are used to work with !

We already printed dozens of 'personal' nanoforms, with images, text or graphic design on it for testing purposes.

It looks AMAZING ! 

The entire team is working on the start of the project to make it a success, managed by our two founders : Alain Rey and Farid Benzakour !

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20 Jul

The pupils of Sassenage are joining us !

The pupils of Sassenage are joining us !

The pupils of Sassenage worked during the last months on the way they see our future.

They created drawings and poems containing the messages they wanted to give to the future generations : advices, hopes or witnesses...

The result ? A nanoform grouping 200 documents (drawings or texts), ready to be manufactured in the next months !

Interested ? You can access the whole nanoform on this webiste and freely navigate inside by following this link. :)

Our preferred drawing :

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20 Jul

Carnegie Mellon University_Lunar Exploration


Our nanoform technology has officially been selected to travel to the moon.

Carnegie Mellon's University's Moon Arts Ark is taking 16 nanoforms on board for its moon trip this summer.

After weeks (months!) of considerations, Carnegie Mellon University has selected our nanoforms to travel to the moon. The university's Moon Arts Ark project has been carefully crafted for years. This ambitious project was recently awarded 1 million dollars by Google Lunar X Prize for successfully achieving the technical goals set for its lunar landing system (this is the third Milestone Prize won by Carnegie Mellon University and Astrorobotic!)

Artwork and Humanity for billions of years

Along with technological innovation, the Moon Arts Ark brings a deeply human and artistic meaning to moon travels. Artwork on the themes of Earth, Metasphere, Moon and Ether will be carried to the moon by Astrorobotic's Robot, "Andy". The Art pieces will be encapsuled in nanoforms in order to stay on the moon until... Martians find it?

More on the topic very soon...