20 Jul

How did the project start ?

How did the project start ?

At Xyalis and Arnano (the two companies leading Fahrenheit 2451), we worked on sapphire disks for years.

We engrave circuit boards on it : it's a part of the fabrication process of mobile phones, computers and more !


The idea to engrave personal data to save it forever, through time and elements, came from Alain Rey.

We already have the expertise to make the project a success : sapphire is a material we are used to work with !

We already printed dozens of 'personal' nanoforms, with images, text or graphic design on it for testing purposes.

It looks AMAZING ! 

The entire team is working on the start of the project to make it a success, managed by our two founders : Alain Rey and Farid Benzakour !

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