Nanoform's Characteristics

The nanoform is a long lasting archiving media.

It comes in different forms: archiving discs or original jewel, aesthetic and eternal.

In nanoform, images and documents are engraved on a sapphire disk with a high precision laser. This gives rise to a nanoform where documents are reduced up to 30 000 times (that is to say 170 times in each direction).

A Nanoform is a data archiving which which through time. It is declined in the form of original, esthetic and éternal jewell.



Discover its extraordinay features :


« The Nanoform's lifespawn is virtually endless. We are talking milleniums.» - Alain Rey, inventor of the Nanoform.

The Nanoform is not subject to erosion: time will not slowly alter the support - as with paper -, nor erase its content - as with digital drives.



The amount of data we can engrave is simply amazing: we reduce the size of your contents by 30,000 but keep its quality and definition. 

On one of our prototypes, we engraved "War & Peace" of Tolstoï - every single page of it.

A 4"  Nanoform : 


Sapphire looks amazing, on you or at home.



 Sapphire is the 2nd hardest material in the world after diamond. The Nanoform resists any deterioration : light, scratches, water, chemicals and extreme temperatures event the lava stone from volcano

Watch the test we ran : temperature close to 2451°F, our packaging burned but the Nanoform emerged unscathed -just a bit dirty.