The Fahrenheit 2451 team
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:00
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Suzel Galia joins the Fahrenheit 2451 project as the first artist to reserve a space on "La Nanoform" for an artistic work.

“When Farid Benzakour mentioned the Fahrenheit 2451 project, I was immediately enthusiastic with the idea of storing messages and testimonies for future generations. Every artist wants to create a work that lasts, and it is not by chance that I chose stone for my sculptures, as it is a perennial material. With the Nanoform my wish is granted twice! This picture of my “Black Moon” sculpture has a specific meaning to me; it could be the symbolic representation of a long gone world, where the moon would be disappearing…”

Suzel Galia, sculptor.

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The Fahrenheit 2451 team